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Medical Foot Health Professional Norwich

Gail Northman DipMFHP MGNT

Friendly and reliable, insured medical foot health practitioner/professional and nail technician.  For all your foot health/care issues, I offer a range of treatments to bring comfort and health to your feet.  Treatments include cutting and trimming toe nails, thickened toenails, fungal foot and nail infections, ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, bunion care, hard/cracked skin removal and treatment, diabetic foot care, verruca infections, athletes foot, tests for peripheral neuropathy, arterial & venous pulses.  Initial health/history appointments include tests for neuropathy and general assessment of your feet.  Add-ons include cosmetic podiatry including, nail reconstruction and luxury spa treatments.  The Gables Foot Health Care clinic is based in Newton St. Faith, Norwich, NR10 3LQ.  Easy access and off road parking.  For home visits  in Norwich please get in touch with Helen Peters at Healing Feet Tel:  07814 062834 Email [email protected] 

Here at The Gables Foot Health Care, we provide a wide array of bespoke podiatry treatments, designed to restore comfort and health to your feet! We proudly provide podiatry care to the people of Norwich and its surrounding areas. Our aesthetic expertise, unique approach, and gentle touch are just some of the many reasons why our patients have rated us 5-Stars on Google.

Foot Care Clinic Norwich

We know how uncomfortable foot related issues can be, and how it can significantly affect you, your mobility, and your confidence. Here at The Gables Foot Health Care, our foot care professional, Gail Northman, is a fully insured medical foot health practitioner and nail technician who specialises in both podiatry health and cosmetic podiatry. With her empathetic touch, broad skill set, and experience working with a wide variety of patients, Gail is able to offer the perfect bespoke and tailored services based upon your foot health and individual requirements.

Bespoke Podiatry Health & Cosmetic Care

Here at The Gables Foot Health Care Norwich, we believe that the health of your feet always comes first. However, we also believe in providing a comfortable and relaxing environment; putting each patient at ease, knowing that they are safe in our hands. If you find that surgical measures are needed, we also work with a fully licensed Chiropodist who can provide home visits in Norwich too, and is skilled in a number of procedures that require anaesthesia, i.e. ingrown toenail removal. No matter your needs, we can provide the perfect solution for you and your feet.

We offer a broad spectrum of podiatry treatments that are beneficial not only to the repair and restoration of your feet, but that are beneficial to your happiness, health and wellbeing also. 

Some of the many treatable ailments we specialise in include…

  • Fungal Foot & Nail Infections
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Corns, Calluses & Bunion Care
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Athletes Foot
  • Verruca Infections
  • Hard/Cracked Skin
  • Peripheral Neuropathy & Arterial/Venous Pulses Tests

We also provide an array of cosmetic podiatry treatments including nail reconstruction and luxury spa treatments, so no matter your foot care needs, we promise to provide the perfect solution that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

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