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Corns Calluses

Corns and calluses can be a cause of painful feet.  These are often the result of rubbing, weight baring so that the skin develops calluses and corns. They can be reduced and removed.  


There are three types of corns non-clinical names are hard corns, seed corns, and soft corns.

Hard corns and seed corns are often found on the plantar (bottom/sole) of the feet in areas that are load-bearing.

Hard corns are as they suggest hard they develop over time and can become extremely painful to walk on.  When reduced and removed the patient feels relief.  Regular foot treatments and maintenance appointments will alleviate the pain.  Often patients with arthritis or hammer-like toes can have hard corns develop because of rubbing from footwear.

Seed corns are tiny and easily removed.  

Soft corns often develop interdigital (between the toes) where toes rub together they can be painful.  Reduction and padding can relieve the pressure and rub from other toes.


Calluses develop with layers of skin to create a hard often waxy surface. They can cause pain. The causes are generally due to a constant rub, load-bearing areas, and where skin can become pinched for example on the bottom of the little toe.  

The hard skin can be removed and keeping feet moisturised will help.

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