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Cosmetic Podiatry Norwich

What is cosmetic podiatry?  Cosmetic podiatry is the use of podiatry treatments 'non medical' to improve the appearance of toenails and feet. This could include adding colour and nail reconstruction.  Treatments such as this can be the way to improve a toenail and foot appearance.  Treatments are for those looking for a pampering and those concerned about the appearance of their feet. This is especially often the case in the summer.  For those with fungal nail conditions an anti-mycotic UV gel nail colour from Wilde-Pedique can be used for reconstruction and for use on correcting and restoration of damaged to nails.

Cosmetic Podiatry Treatments

At The Gables Foot Health Care, we proudly specialise in cosmetic podiatry to help aid and correct a number of podiatry issues such as nail reconstruction, as well as offering luxury and aesthetic treatments.

We here at The Gables Foot Health Care in Norwich are here to offer our judgement-free expertise and gentle touch to help you regain your confidence through the use of our cosmetic podiatry services. By using non-medical procedures to improve the aesthetic look of toenails and feet, we are able to effectively treat and improve your confidence. We understand that many of our clients feel uncomfortable showing off their feet, especially during the Summer months, and our reconstructive treatments are the perfect way to restore your confidence, whilst ultimately caring for the health of your feet.

Benefits Of Cosmetic Podiatry

Cosmetic podiatry is an excellent way to restore the natural appearance of your feet, and helps to give you the confidence to wear open shoes without embarrassment.

We offer a range of aesthetic and reconstructive treatments for both your toenails and feet, which can all be included with any treatment package. Our cosmetic treatments aim to revamp the natural appearance of your feet, and aid aesthetic issues caused by a previous injury or medical condition. For example, damage can occur to toenails when afflicted by a fungal infection, or when a heavy impact is dropped on your feet. We use Anti-mycotic UV/LED gel by LCN Wilde-Pedique, designed specifically for toenails to reconstruct nails that are damaged and discoloured.

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Visited Gail today. I was nervous about showing off my feet and very anxious about them. Gail was kind and caring, taking the anxiety away. Brilliant job with my feet. They look and feel amazing and will definitely be going back and recommending it to friends and family.” – Vicky, via Google