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First Appointments and Consultation

First appointments are always a bit daunting.  This appointment includes foot health concerns, health issues around feet, diagnosis, and treatment plan.  Medical History, medications taken and any allergies and a medical questionnaire and consent forms will be completed.

First Appointments 

Consultation, you will be asked about your concerns regarding your foot health. Medical history, medications, blood thinners are especially important.  Allergies. Questions about your footwear, such as wearing steel toe-capped boots for 8 hours. 

All appointments are for 1 hour. It is a recommendation to continue having foot health appointments to maintain health, comfort to your feet. Subsequent appointments are 1 hour and frequency can be anything from 5, 6, 8 to 10 weeks and depends on nail growth, discomfort, and treatment plan.

Foot and Ankle Pulses

First appointments include checking foot and ankle pulse, these are the Dorsalis Pedis on the dorsal (front) of your foot and the

Posterior Tibial on the medial (inner) aspect just to the side of your ankle. Very low or very high pulses can be a concern. If you have concerns about circulation to your feet this can be also discussed during the medical history and concerns.  This could be due to a health condition you already have, or something you are unaware of.  Such as Peripheral Artery Disease, Diabetic Neuropathy.

The tests are done using a variety of techniques including the use of a Venous Doppler.

What our patients are saying

I am a patient from Norwich and I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Gail.  She was gentle, thorough and very professional.  Lovely experience can't wait to do it again.    Joan Hubbard

Treatment Price

First Appointments


1 hr session