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Fungal Viral Foot​ and Toenails

Fungal infections of the nail and feet can spread.  Fungal toenails can spread from one to another often superficial to start with but can lead to thick and difficult to cut nails.  Fungal skin infections can spread too.  They thrive in moist conditions!.  

Fungal Toenails

Fungal toenails can cause thickened, crumbly and discolours nails that are difficult to cut. and can spread to other nails.

Athletes Foot

Athletes foot so named because it's a fungal infection that is often found on Athletes and people who spend a lot of time on their feet. This fungal infection thrives on warm, moist conditions.  It can be itchy and lesions between the toes can become uncomfortable. It can also spread to the nails of the foot, and groin areas.


Verrucas are (plantar warts) that is they are the same as a common wart but are often found on weight bearing parts of the foot. The weight of the body can cause the verruca to become painful. They can mimic a callus. and spread as they are viral infection that many people carry but have penetrated the skin and cause a wart to develop.

What our customers are saying

Visited Gail for the first time today, it was an excellent experience. From the moment I arrived was made to feel at ease, Gail professionally assessed and then treated my feet superbly. I left with understanding and a much improved situation and can’t wait for the next appointment in a few weeks.

Brilliant all round thanks Gail

David Barnes