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Nail Trimming

Sometimes for many reasons, it becomes difficult to cut your own toenails.  Rather than struggle why not get help!  Thickened toenails can develop for different reasons, from trauma to a fungal infection, and thickened nails are difficult to cut using normal clippers. An ingrown toenail/toenails can be painful and really impact daily living.

Nail Trimming/Thickened Nails

Having mobility issues can impact being able to maintain and care for your feet, having Medical Foot Health Practitioner do this for you will help you keep your feet in good condition and health.

Thickened toenails make cutting toenails difficult. Depending on the reason behind a thickened nail could be trauma, the injured toenail hasn't grown back correctly, fungal nail infection, or age-related. 

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are often extremely painful, especially when wearing enclosed footwear. As the name suggests the nail becomes embedded into the sidewalls of the toenail and becomes covers over with skin. These can become infected elevating the pain to the point that it becomes difficult to walk.

Ingrown toenails can be caused through cutting nails too short. sometimes they become involuted (curl around and in). Having these maintained will alleviate the pain associated with ingrown.  Severe cases can be corrected by surgery.

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